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    Driving a more thoughtful, human approach to business.

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    Meet Hiong

    Creative Problem Solver – Coach – Entrepreneur


    Business Strategy, Innovation Management & Strategy are my most endorsed skills on my LinkedIn profile but that doesn't really tell you who I am.


    As the tagline says, I am a creative problem solver, coach and entrepreneur. I have set-up both innovation and design thinking organisations and help other companies learn and apply the techniques. I love getting stuck into finding solutions to problems, and I relish the challenge of simplyfing complexity.


    Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I have a global approach to projects with an international client base.


    I want to drive a more thoughtful, human approach to business.


    Made in Malaysia. Bred in Birmingham.

    A true product of East meets West resulting in a unique perspective of the world.

  • What is Innovation? Innovation=Real Problem + Creativity + Action


    1. Never stop learning, never stop appreciating
    2. An idea is just an idea until you start doing the hustle
    3. Treat people 20% better than you would like people to treat you
    4. Consider the bigger picture
    5. It's ok to have fun at work
    6. Adjust your perspective
    7. Challenge your assumptions
    8. Dig deeper

  • How I Can Help you

    Creative Problem Solving & Innovation

    Helping you overcome business challenges, deal with ambuguity, and discover new opportunities.


    Design Thinking

    A human-centred approach to innovation to help you gain empathy and a better understanding of your customers to then create solutions that they really need.

    Personal Coaching

    Helping you become an even better version of yourself.

    Team Coaching

    Learning by doing via workshops and colloborative consulting.


    Going beyond the numbers and using empathy based techniques to a gain deeper knowledge of the motivations and drivers of your customers.

    Service Design Innovation

    Develop a better experience for your customers at every touch point that they have with you using UX (User Experience) and customer experience design techniques.

  • Don't Take My Word For It

    Some kind words from people I have helped.

    "The Design Thinking mindset that Hiong has helped bring to the team has created a great energy. Less than one week after the workshop we have a few new initiatives that have been kickstarted by the participants."

    Dr. Katja Bucher - Head of HR @ Munich RE Singapore

    "Hiong facilitated our Leadership Team Off-site and helped us better understand some of the challenges that we face as a team and discover ways to overcome them."

    Dr. Till Böhmer - Chief Executive Officer @ Munich RE Singapore

    "A fantastic investment for us, and a real no-brainer for anyone looking to introduce an incredibly powerful way of thinking to their team."

    Jon Lay - Founder @ Hanno



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